Embedding Videos in WordPress

Embedding videos from YouTube into your page or post is simply a matter of copying and pasting.

  1. Find your desired video on YouTube.
  2. Under the video, you’ll see a few options – click on “Share.” It’s located between “About” and “Add to.”
  3. Additional options will appear, and click on “Embed.”
  4. You’ll see a section of code appear in the box below embed. Copy the code.


Move back to WordPress where you’re creating a new page or a new post, and in the top right corner of the text editor, you’ll see two tabs – “Visual” and “Text.”

  1. Click on “Text.”
  2. Paste the code that you copied from YouTube into the content area.
  3. Toggle back to the “Visual” tab, and you will see the screen area where the video will play on your page or post.

In the right sidebar under “Publish” you can save your work and preview it before publishing it to your site.

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Montclair State University Adjunct Assistant Professor Najlah Hicks