Week 12: Photoshop Project II

Photoshop Project II 

  • Please post links to for the following:
  • Roughs and Comps of the Photoshop style frames
  • Completed homepage template from one of the tutorials
  • Completed revised homepage template with YOUR new color scheme, fonts, images, etc.
  • Sketches and rough designs of your two additional pages showing placement of images/text for the second two pages.
Post everything to your blog and list your blog link in the comments section.

Be sure to read my comments that I post regarding this deliverable so that you can fix errors and produce updated and finished iteration for week 13.

Week 13 | Homework

Choose ONE of your classmates projects and critique it. Post your comments on your blog PRIOR to Sunday at noon. Post another comment on week 12 letting your classmates know whose work  you are critiquing and a link to your critique.



    • I like the layout with the deep maroon color. That color palate works very well. If the “headers” HENNA, HAIRSTYLES, MAKEUP are links that take you to another page, the text color should be different from the body color. I like the yellow header color so think about changing the body color text.

      Send your other pages as soon as you can so that I can give you input.

    • Good job on the template recreation.

      On your homepage version:
      Color scheme is good but layout is off. If your not going to add a “text box” under your name/online portfolio, add a tag line. For instance, you wrote: “Online Portfolio” create a new line of text listing what it is you do. It could be “Multimedia Designer” or “Graphic Designer” of whatever you do or want to be. Right now, no one knows if your an artist, photographer, graphic designer, etc.

      The top third of this page looks good but the bottom two thirds is off. Your “read more” buttons are too big and compete with your text. In the middle were you have the cartoon and headline, character design (make both the c in character and the d in design capital letter – do that for all titles when you have two words), try moving the cartoon image up higher and level with the resume and links titles. Then, add more text so that it goes all the way down and make the “read more” line up with the other two “read mores” on the second row. The “read more” icon overtakes your design.

      In the footer, write it like this:
      Copyright © 2012 Leanne Phipps. All rights reserved.

      On the ABOUT page. You need to change that up a lot. Don’t keep the same slideshow up there. Try changing it to two or three small images. You can’t have the same layout/slideshow on every page. You need to research other people about pages. You have no real design there at all. Add and image, two columns, whatever to make the page more interesting.

      Again, your contact page needs a lot of work. Try adding a contact form, social media icons, etc. There’s not much there.

      Great start.

    • It’s standard in web design to have the logo in the top left corner of your design. Bee’s Sugar Free Honey seems like a “tag line” not a company name. Is the name of the company Bee and then the tag line is “Sugar Free Honey”? What you have there now overtakes the top of the page. There’s not enough content on the home page. Research more bee/honey sites. Ck this one out: http://www.savannahbee.com/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?display=home

      Not loving the cloud background or the color palate on the page. You have too many colors and they don’t compliment each other. Check this out for some inspiration: http://www.colourlovers.com/

      The text at the bottom: subscribe… that’s the page “footer” and should be much smaller. I know it’s big in the tutorial but it looks terrible. Make sure your font choice is “web safe fonts” see: http://webdesign.about.com/od/fonts/qt/web-safe-fonts.htm

      You don’t have to stick with the template thick/multicolor borders around the images. Make it your own and class it up a little.

      Did you write the text critique of one of your classmates?

    • Do something more creative via text treatment for your name/logo. Also, add a “tag line” meaning, under your name, add: Painter, Artist, whatever so people can know what you do.

      HOME PAGE: centered text isn’t working for me. Go flush left. Either add more text or try two columns.

      PORTFOLIO PAGE: looking good BUT make the images all the same size so that they line up better. I think you need to add some color to the page. Go back to the versions you made with the different color palates. Those look good.

      In the footer, write it like this:
      Copyright © 2012 Ariel Kristina. All rights reserved.

      Did you do the critique on your classmates text design?

    • Your homepage recreation looks good. Did you do the critique on your classmates text design?

      • If you get it done by this weekend, send me an email so I can critique.

        • Okay thank you

    • If you get your homepage version done by this weekend, send me an email so I can critique.

      Did you do the critique on your classmates text design?

    • The two black color schemes look really good. Not loving the grass. The tutorial you did was good but not fond of the direction you went with on your own pages.

      I think you should try a variation of those for your design. The color scheme and font choice on the ones you created on your blog are extremely hard to read.

    • Your portfolio page looks very good. Give me the link to your Flickr site so that I can see it larger. I can’t see it well enough to critique it.

    • Don’t forget to post ALL you work to your blog. I only see one image there.

    • GREAT job on your pages!

      You use a transparency on the right box where you have you social media icons but not on the two left boxes. You should be consistant on all three. Also, make that right transparent box deeper so that it lines up with the two boxes on your left.

      The font size on the aqua “john doe, etc.” is too big and takes away from the design.

      In the footer, write it like this:
      Copyright © 2012 Ariel Kristina. All rights reserved.

      The border around your images is way too thick. Reduce the stroke and it will look classier.
      Add a couple of headers and paragraphs inside that box to the right of the images. Unless the aqua text is a LINK, change the color to match the color on your other pages.
      Notice the top of the background on this page. The top inch is off.

      Your ALMOST there. Just a few tweaks needed!

    • Homepage reproduction is good. I like your color scheme. Try making the Zomie photo deeper so that it lines up with the bottom of the two tabs. Now is has so much white space there that it looks odd. I know they did it like you reproduced on the original tutorial but make yours better.

      Also, the three subscribe tabs on the bottom right are WAY to huge. This is old school design. Again, I know that’s how they designed it on the template but change it for you and make it more modern.

      Upload more pages as you get them done and drop me an email so that I can critique.

      Add a footer. In the footer, write it like this:
      Copyright © 2012 Ariel Kristina. All rights reserved.

      Put it in the “link” color

    • Your recreated homepage is GREAT! Note the link state, where you write FILM REVIEWS MAKING OF, use that yellow color on your NAV over your HOME button to show it’s a link. Link states have to be consistent.

      Upload more pages as you get them done and drop me an email so that I can critique.

    • Did you recreate the original template? I don’t see it anywhere.

      Your social media icons are MASSIVE in size.
      Your portfolio images need headers so people know what the image categories are.
      Nothing on your ABOUT page lines up.

      The COPYRIGHT in your footer is MASSIVE in size. Have you ever seen one that large?

      Your designs need a lot of refining. Take a look at your classmates.

    • BEAUTIFUL color scheme!

      I’d make the images bigger. Lots of empty space.

      The word ABOUT is huge and bigger than your logo. Too big!

      Need to change the maine body layout from the ABOUT and HOME pages so they’re not the same. I see you’ve gotten place holders on one version. Let me know when you update it so I can give you input.

    • Josh, by yesterday’s class you should have already recreated the template home page to make it your own. You only recreated the exercise.

      The site can be anything you want. Look at your classmates work for inspiration.

  1. John,

    Good job on your pages so far. Don’t forget to add an image to the blank area that says “featured” on the Diving Fans home page you recreated. Otherwise it looks great.

    On the page where you have the THREE IMAGES. If that’s a gallery page, give it a title like: GALLERY, put a line of text under each image like: Coral Reef in the Bahamas, put a list of CATEGORIES in the right column so people can search the galleries like: CORAL REEFS FISH SHARKS whatever you choose so if someone wants to find a specific set of images they can. Maybe color code the tabs to match the colors on the tabs on the home pages. Also, the large black area above where the white zig zag box start, put something there. Maybe you could put three images and color code the stroke around the images to match the colors on the category tags.

    The CONTACT PAGE with just the Dolphin needs a lot of work. Google web 2.0 social media icons and add Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Add a contact form for people to fill out. Again, add something between the main nav and the zig zag of the white page, inside that black area. It can be a block quote or whatever you want it to be.

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