Week 6 – Project II Critiques

Homework | Week 5 | Review

Be prepared to present Project II to you classmates for critiques. Everything listed below should be completed by week 6.


  • Project Research & Conceptual Sketches
  • Preliminary Label Comps (Sketches – multiple iterations)
  • Final Label Comps (Sketches – multiple iterations)
  • Preliminary Logo Comps (Sketches – multiple iterations)
  • Final Logo Comps (Sketches – multiple iterations)
  • Preliminary Logo and Label Comps – designed in Illustrator CS6

A Few Quick Illustrator CS6 Tips


  • Ruler Commands:

To View or Hide Rulers on your Art Board:

  • View > Show Rulers or View > Hide Rulers


To View or Hide Rulers on your Art Board:

Click on either of the rulers and drag the ruler guide into the work area.

To Lock or Unlock Guides:

View > Guides > Lock Guides. If you see a check mark here, it means that the guide is locked.

To Move a Guide:

Make sure the guide is unlocked (no check mark). Use the Selection tool to select the guide to move and drag it to a new location.

To Delete a Guide:

  • Make sure the guide is unlocked (no check mark). Use the Selection tool to select the guide you want to delete and press Delete (Mac OS).
  • To delete all guides at once, choose View > Guides > Clear Guides.

To Show or Hide Guides

  •  View > Guides > Show Guides, or View > Guides > Hide Guides.

To Snap Objects to Guides

  •  View > Snap to Point. A check mark indicates that snapping is turned on. When an object is dragged within 2 pixels of a guide, it will then snap to that guide.
  • The pointer will change from a filled arrowhead to a hollow arrowhead when a snap occurs.


The arrangement of a layer dictates which layer will overlap on top or beneath another layer. The first layer (the first object drawn) is listed at the top. Each additional layer drops below the top layer. To change the stacking order of selected objects see below.

Arrange commands:
Object > Arrange > Bring to Front: moves an object to the top position in the work area.
Object > Arrange > Send to Back: moves an object to the bottom position in the work area.
Object > Arrange > Bring Forward: moves an object one step forward in the stacking order.
Object > Arrange > Send Backward: moves an object one step backward in the stacking order.
To duplicate objects in Illustrator, simply select the object you want to duplicate, choose Edit > Copy and Edit > Paste. A duplicate of the original object will be placed in the center of the work area at the top of the stacking order.

You can also open the layers panel and drag layers to different positions.


Project II Critiques

Critique Goals:

  1. Obtain specific kinds of feedback.
  2. Compare how several different components of the same product are designed.
  3. Discuss the user flow through a design,. (Similar to a cognitive walkthrough).
  4. Explore the designs of competing products.
  • Explore: Color, shape, function, font, style, concept, execution

Homework | Week 6  

Write a written critique of each of your groups projects and post to your blog.

Project II Critiques



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