Week 12

#1 DO NOW – Images I

– Placing and Fitting  11

How to get images into your document, and how to fit them into your layout.

#2 DO NOW -ADD TO BOOKMARKS Images II – Import Options 12

More options for importing images, including working with clipping paths and transparency for special effects.

#3 DO NOW Add Images III – The Links Panel 13

How to use the Links panel to manage, update and edit the images in your document.

#4 DO NOW Layout I – Document Setup 14

Document setup using guides and grids. Understanding Master pages and automatic page numbering.

#5 DO NOW Layout II – Paragraph Styles

Creating and using paragraph styles to ensure consistency in your type.

#6 DO NOW Layout III – Character Styles

Creating and applying character styles to individual letters and words. Using nested styles for quick formatting with multiple styles.

#7 DO NOW: Layout IV – Object Styles

Just like paragraph and character styles, object styles can be used to format objects you use repeatedly. Plus, creating a library to store your objects.

#8 DO NOW:Layout V – Text Cleanup 18

Using InDesign’s sophisticated Find/Change functions to quickly clean up and re-format text.

#9 DO NOW:Layout VI – Check Spelling

Basic spell check, plus user dictionaries and multiple languages.

#10 DO NOW:Layout VII – More Tips

Using layers, locking objects, aligning objects. Modifying a layout with the Gap tool. Drop shadow and other effects, and the corner options.

#11 DO NOW:Preflight & Package

How to check your files for errors and package them for output.

#12 DO NOW:Print & Export

Basic printing options and PDF export.




***NOTE: Save your files three ways***

First – File > Save as and use the .indd extension.
Second – File > Package
Third – File > Export save as a .JPG
Then, open the .JPG in Photoshop and check the image size. Make sure it’s at 72dpi and the color mode is RGB.
Create a folder on your DropBox called InDesign_Week 12 | Wednesday and place all your InDesign files.
Upload finished files to your blog AND to your Flickr feed.

Follow the videos you saw in class and complete the exercises. Post to you blog and to Flickr. Due Wednesday | Week 13

Tag FIVE sites that relate to today’s tutorials. Due Wednesday | Week 13


FINAL PROJECT: InDesign 12 Page Booklet | DEADLINES

  • Inspirations (must include a minimum of TEN annual reports or booklets for inspiration – Pinterest board) due | Wednesday | Week 14. (12.3.14)
  • Research (Delicious -10 tags) | due on Wednesday | Week 14. (12.3.14)
  • Hand drawn wireframes due on Wednesday | Week 14. (12.3.14)
  • Photoshop wire frames of ALL your pages due on Wednesday | Week 14.  (12.3.14)
  • First complete layout in InDesigin due on Wednesday | Week 14.  (12.3.14)
  • December 10: NO CLASS – Wednesday designated as a Friday – Wednesday | Week 15
  • Project due on 12.17.14

12-page Booklet – The assignment is to create a booklet, to be used as a mailer for the  non-profit Charity Water OR any of the non-profits listed here.

  • The project will incorporate InDesign, Photoshop and/or Illustrator.
  • Project must be submitted with following items: Research, Inspiration, Conceptual Sketches (hand-drawn & Photoshop), Preliminary Comps, and Final Designs. You will be graded separately on each phase of your project. You will be submitting your final design as a digital files on your project page, and in your DropBox folder.
  •  Incorporate all the skills you’ve learned this semester to create a 12-page booklet that highlights the non-profit Charity Water.
    Note: This document must include the following at a minimum:
    • Nonprofit name and logo
    • Images
    • Text
    • Graphics
    No two pages should be designed in the same layout. No images or headlines should be repeated. No dummy text should be used.
    Size: 8.5×11 vertical or horizontal format. Download the printer template here.
    Your Final Project combines all of the class lessons on creating an appropriate and functioning layout for a document. The InDesign project requires you to create a 12-page booklet for Charity Water or other non-profit. You may use Photoshop and Illustrator in this project, but the final layout must be in InDesign. You MUST also include a write-up of the project when turning in your digital files.
    Items to be Turned in
    1. Research/Inspiration
    2. Wireframes
    3. Thumbnails of each page layout. (All layout on ONE page)
    4. Full page layout of each page.
    5. Your written description on your project page and in your DropBox folder.
    6. All files in a folder with your name placed on your DropBox.
    7. The final project (in PDF and InDesign).
    Written Document – 600 word minimum
    A written description that summarizes the design concepts and work on the project is due at the same time. The Project Written Descriptions should include proper punctuation and grammar practice. You are highly encouraged to proofread your work.

    Your presentation and write-up should answer the following questions:

    • Describe the use of the document.
    • Describe the audience the document will be used for.
    • Describe the reasons for laying out the document the way you did and how its layout fits the audience it is intended for.

    • Discuss the following design principles and how you created them as part of your write-up:

    1. —center of interest
    2. —unity
    3. —contrast
    4. —balance
    5. —eye movement
    6. —other means you employed to make the document work and how it improved the your document’s communication and overall look.
    • Describe any problems you had in producing and formatting the document and how you solved them, or why you could not solve them.
    • Discuss how you would do this document differently, if you had time to do it over, and why.
    • Describe what you learned of significance while doing this project.

    PLEASE NOTE: The paper must be written in complete paragraphs. A list that gives the information asked for in the requirements for the write-up will not be accepted.  Written descriptions must adhere to rules of grammar and punctuation.

    NOTE: To review Punctuation and Grammar Rules, you might want to examine the Owl website, sponsored by Purdue University:

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